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Peninsula Tire proudly carries the largest selection of wheel sizes, makes and designs in St.Catharines. Choose from our in-house inventory of over 5000 used tires and hundreds of new tires, to outfit your vehicle with a customized Tire & Rim package.

We supply and install tires for all kinds of Cars & Trucks.

All new and used tire purchases include

  • Free Installation
  • Free Balancing
  • New Valves
  • Free Tire Disposal
  • Free Tire Rotation
  • Free Cleaning and Grinding of Rims
Peninsula Tire - Used Tire Selection
Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-Bridgestone Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-Michelin
Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-Toyo Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-GoodYear
Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-Pirelli Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-Carlisle
Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-Bridgestone Peninsula-Tire-Used-Tire-Selection-Dunlop
and more...
(Air pressure loss, Punctures, Nail holes)

At Peninsula Tire, we specialize in providing prompt and expert service for tire repairs, for any make and model of vehicle(car & truck). For more information, please contact us or drop in at the shop today.


Proper tire balance is important as it reduces tire wear, increases the longevity of the tire, makes driving safer, and enhances vehicle performance.

We ensure Superior Accuracy and Superior Value to all our customers, by using

  • Top-of-the-line Laser Assisted Wheel Balancers
  • The finest American-made Tire Mounting machines that avoid contact with rims.


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